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Difference Between Rattan & Wicker?

There has always been some confusion as to the difference between rattan and wicker furniture. The two terms tend to be used interchangeably when they actually have very distinct characteristics. Rattan furniture is constructed by joining rattan poles. Wicker is a woven effect, much like a basket. Some weaves are plain, emphasizing textures, while others may be very intricate in design. However, all wicker has a "woven" look. 

While the term "wicker' only refers to woven, there are a variety of material used to produce wicker furniture. The most desirable modern day material is referred to as "core" wicker, as it is cut from the core of the rattan pole. It can be tightly woven in a variety of patterns to produce extraordinary strength and beauty. Other canes, reeds and grasses are sometimes used to produce various effects.

Rest assured, our years of experience has resulted in valuable knowledge about the right way to build quality handcrafted rattan and wicker home furnishings. 

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