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How is our Castor Dining Construction Better?

All of our castor dining chairs are made exactly alike. We use commercial/contract specifications for almost all of our designs which means they are constructed in a way as to withstand regular use in a hotel, motel, restaurant or condo association environments.

Here's how Palm Springs Rattan® is different than the competition:

  • Smaller rattan poles called "beads" are attached anywhere two larger rattan poles meet for a detailed finished look.
  • There are no open areas where poles or wood meet for debris to get stuck into.
  • Screwed, glued, doweled and leather bound joints.
  • Double doweled and reinforced perpendicular leg to ensure stability.
  • "Double doweled" refers to the rattan leg being drilled out in the center 3/4" where we epoxy in a hard wood dowel since rattan is a very fibrous wood. Then an aluminum band is fit over the end of the entire leg, which is covered with leather binding. Once in our warehouse, we drill the center of the hard wood dowel and glue in the nylon thimble which locks the castor in place and does not allow it to fall out even if the chair is picked up from the floor.
  • Fine oil based stain over top and bottom for a detailed finish.
  • All metal body castor. Most of the industry uses a plastic wheel.
  • Metal T-joints as reinforcement where the chair leg meets the foot ring.
  • The mechanism is bolted by T-nuts into the bucket of the chair.
  • Non-stick pads are placed over the T-nuts to protect the fabric of the cushion and to ensure it does not slip.
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