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Rattan Minor Blemishes

Supplies Needed

  1. Acetone
  2. Clean Soft Rag
  3. Steel Wool or Fine Grit Sandpaper
  4. Blush Spray Paint

Always wear eye and skin protection to prevent liquid or other materials from entering your body.

Cleaning and Maintaining Rattan:

Rattan should be maintained like any other wood furniture. Vacuum your rattan and wicker pieces occasionally with a soft brush vacuum attachment to remove dust. Use wood furniture polish such a Murphy's Oil Soap® or Pledge® as directed to keep the original finish clean.

Remove Unwanted Surface Paint:

Using Acetone

  1. Pour acetone on a rag and allow to dry for 5 seconds.  Remember to always first try acetone in an unnoticeable area to check the color fastness of the finish before using over the entire piece.
  2. Lightly wipe the area where you want to remove the paint.

Without Using Acetone

  1. Sand the area lightly with steel wool.
  2. Spray a light coat of blush to bring back the original shine.

Minor Scratches:

  1. Rub with lemon oil OR apply blush spray
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